Monday, 13 January 2014

What happens to Anger?

Hey this anger stuff is very sneaky. I have been angry all my life.....since being in the womb. I knew somehow even in the womb that I was to be given up for adoption and so even for the first 6 weeks of my live with my mum I sensed that the unconditional love would not last.
My adoptive parents got a very angry little baby boy who's mission in life was to control everything.....toileting, feeding, dressing. My way of control was what I now know as Passive/Aggressive. I was both compliant, stubborn, rude, contrary, sneaky, untruthful.
All my life at home was this way and I know realise that no matter what my parents did it would never be enough.
This way of being continued for the rest of my adult life up until my New Warrior weekend.
When I became angry, it wasn't simply about the hear and now but weighed down with 56years of baby rage. WHEW
Anger expressed as an adult about a current issue is such a healthy way to be. It is expressed, owned and then let go.
Anger from years of rage is disruptive, corruptive and as I now acknowledge....abusive. It can sneak out in many ways which are unhelpful and harmful to those around, usually the ones we love.
As men we owe it to ourselves to own our anger and to work towards healing the wounds which have led to that anger as best we can.
There are some amazing therapies out there both talking and body work therapies which if allowed will help the process of recovery.
Men, we owe it to ourselves and to the world to heal these wounds.