Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The ups and downs of self employment

Hey up.
During my Adventure weekend I partially ruptured my achilles.......painful and dis-abling. I have been unable to work since and my physio says maybe not until February.
I am self-employed and so I have no income from my side coming into the household.
I have no insurance for accident or illness as the cost is too high and so I have had to throw myself onto the state for support.
I am entitled to employment support allowance and have had a 40 minute phone interview and filled in the subsequent forms. I am entitled to £92.20 per week.
I am truly grateful for the £92.20 per week but in no way does this touch the outgoings of the house.
So my message for today is..........try to afford the critical illness/ accident cover as a self-employed person or put some other fall back in place.
It is at times like this when I wish I were employed as there are so many 'perks' to employment.
Holiday pay, sick pay, maternity/paternity pay/leave. Bank holiday payments, double time/overtime.

As a man I find this issue a real challenge. Unable to work yet wanting to do so. Not able to support the house financially. Not meeting my own needs to be productive. Having to ask for help.....PHEW!

I offer this to the younger men and women........don't abuse your bodies and minds with stress and over work in your early years as you may find that the rewards are somewhat different to those you imagined.
Take care of yourselves both physically and mentally and emotionally.