Saturday, 4 January 2014

New warrior home from adventure

I have recently had a fantastic adventure. My goodness how the experience had changed my  view and how I am in the world.
I feel like my internal landscape has changed.
The baby rage that I have felt all my life is now a spent force. The rage has dominated my life and affected my relating with everyone. Toxic shame is the underpinning force behind the rage.
Wow how good I feel to be able to say it, own it and not feel contaminated by it.
I have been privileged to be among 60 men at a Mankind Project New Warrior Adventure weekend. To be in such a beautifully supportive group of men was a magical moment.
I have been curious for  a long time as to why men find groups of men a challenge and now I know.
YOU ARE SEEN. How scary is that?
I have just started this blog and am not sure who will read it and why.
Maybe no-one!!!!
I will try to post regularly and probably for 12 months