Sunday, 5 January 2014

walk in the woods

I have just had a great walk/ hobble in Grindleford woods. Ruptured my Achilles a while back so a bit dis-abled.
Met up with a fellow warrior from the adventure. Great to hook up and share how our lives are post Adventure.
Only now am I enjoying truly getting to know male friends. Its like all the competitive edges have dropped away after a shared experience.
Why is that we men find true friendship a challenge?
I am lucky to count many men as good,close friends whom I feel able to trust with aspects of me that I have only just come to accept for myself.
I have the great fortune to meet with a group of men on a fortnightly basis. We talk, share, laugh, drink tea, fart and generally be ourselves.
I need this energy to help my emotional and mental health. The energy is like nourishment for my soul.