Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Making space for Passion

I am slowly on the mend from my achilles injury and am working part time doing my gardening work.
Just had a very tiring and wet and smelly day washing down a greenhouse with jeyes fluid. I am so surprised how my body is out of condition after 7 weeks off.
My gift(injury) has allowed me time to consider where I want to put my energies both at work and at home.
I have decided to reduce my gardening work to 4 days and leave Fridays free for my counselling work.
I feel good about opening up this space and waiting to see what appears to fill the space.
My passion for men's work is constant and my passion for my own process equally so.
Since my NWTA weekend with MKP uk I have wanted to further  my self discovery and things seem to be making themselves available.
Passion.....phew. What a great feeling! I feel so excited about the work I want to do and I have now to find an outlet to carry it out.
When I was a younger man I feared people with passion because they seemed out of control and unmanaged.
I now realise that I have feared my own passions and the energy within. Not any more...I now want to embrace passion and share it with others.
Is it ok for a bloke to say that ?