Sunday, 1 June 2014

Mature masculine archetypes

I have just returned from a 'guts' workshop; working with the masculine archetypes. Diving down deep into my own psyche swimming around and finding much work to do.

I camped overnight outside Bradford on Avon. What a beautiful town and countryside. History lives well in this area. Ancestral energies abound. The camping was enjoyable being among nature in all its forms. I had the joys of snorers, farters and sleep talkers and shouters.......oh the joys of the human condition!
However waking with the birds on a beautiful day set me up for the work I needed to do.

The workshop was part of the work MKP uk offer. A chance for men to get a sense of who they are and how they would like to be in the world. How to work towards a more mature masculine way of being. this work is valuable to the whole community and I would recommend it to anyone who is impacted by immature aspects of masculinity.

I am feeling calm, tired, thoughtful and an inner sense of joy, sadness and willingness to integrate the work I have done.

I also met with some men who are all on their own journey and we shared  our stories, our vulnerabilities and our humanity. What a joy