Wednesday, 26 March 2014

So why is it so hard to put food on the table and pay the bills?

I was physically unable to work for the months of November and December and the fallout has been immense. Being self employed has its ups and downs and this period was financially a down but emotionally an up.
I took the time to get to know myself better and to study the face in the mirror.......I like my reflection and feel happy to be me.
I am back to work full time with all this beautiful weather assisting me. Spring is bursting out all over and it is great.
However in the 2 months of layoff my finances took quite a hit.
I have now the joy of trying to balance my bank accounts daily to pay bills and I am struggling.
I really am the duck who looks serene on the surface but is paddling like hell to keep up. I am finding myself working hard and being very tired from my efforts but not moving forward monetarily. I am feeling lonely in this place and its hard.
I am fully committed to my family and me and wish I had the energy of youth.
The Government is saying that the economy is improving and signs of green shoots are why is it so bloody hard to put food on the table and to pay the bills?
If intent were a commodity I would be rich but.....
Something has to change.
My warrior will not be broken.

How do we create a community of mature adults who have the skills to bring about our own silent revolution?