Sunday, 20 April 2014

Writers block

I have been struggling to write for the last few weeks. I have felt like there were lots of words around but I wasn't able to form them into a cohesive text.
I have been struggling with the spring energies taking me over. Like an energy which is linked not to intellect but to times past when work had to be done quickly to ready the earth for planting. Seed sowing both for human future and for survival. Focus on ancestral energies of a time before the Industrial Revolution, when lives were maybe harder but somewhat less complicated and more heartfelt.
So the tension of modern man and his head work, tangling with the nature of ancestral manual man. Oh for times past.
As I grow older my actual ability to meet the energy needs of spring have begun to reduce and yet the younger men are unavailable to community....I fear for the survival of our species.
Men need to be available to community, family and themselves in order to connect to Father Earth.
Calling all men........dare to connect with both themselves and the younger men and ask them to participate in LIFE.