Friday, 21 March 2014

changing reactions to positive actions

I have been struggling with the ups and downs of life.
Work life balance, financial shortfalls, relationships.
As I work on being more present, aware, open, I find that old default positions don't work any more. How I dealt with things in the past now don't fit for me and so I have had to reposition my responses.

I have tried new responses and I am happy with how things are going. I feel more mature, more available and aware. More alive.........

I have just read a posting by the Mankind Project which talks about Intentional Awareness and I really love the concept.

During my counselling training, the relationship was highlighted as the factor for change with our clients. I am finding this to be continually true. Not simply with clients but in life itself.
I suppose the challenge is, that when someone reflects back to me my behavior particularly my partner, I have a choice as to whether to meet the challenge or ignore it. Life never seems to be stable/normal when I accept the challenge to change.

To be fully present and aware is thrilling, life enhancing but also tiring. Phew!