Sunday, 25 May 2014

Loving your child within.

Sitting here on a rainy lazy Sunday feeling a mellow sense of joy. I had the pleasure, earlier in the week, of meeting up with a good friend and doing some work on our inner children. I have spent a lot of my live being ashamed of my own inner boy. I felt he was weak, ugly, unloveable and many other negative pictures. I felt held back by him and ashamed that he was part of me.
 How could I acknowledge that he was me and not crumble into that aspect of me which I considered irrelevant as an 'adult'.
 Over the years of therapy, inner work and personal development I have enjoyed a relationship with my child. I have held his hand, looked into his eyes and told him I love him. He is much more trusting now and feels able to be in the world as the beautiful person he is.
  I realise that the child within is not a separate being and I also know he is me. However the work and patience and time it has taken for me to accept who I am (who he is) has been challenging and a mystery.
I will never reject him nor abandon him again. We are