Friday, 5 December 2014

So what are we fearful of?

Oh my goodness! The world is such a scary place.
There are monsters around every corner.
Oh no they are just in my mind. Am I going mad?
Why are we so scared of getting on with our lives? Why do we let every one of our actions be guided by what others may think?
I have an internal dialogue going on constantly when I forget who I am.
I am amazing.
And yet my experiences in child hood would refute that truth.
The conditioning we receive as children stands us in good stead for the rest of our lives.
That is not true.
We have the potential to rewrite our life scripts. We can become who we truly are.
The question is DARE WE TAKE THAT RISK?
If we are able to relax down into our bodies and feel the truly amazing things that go on within the body then we can get to know ourselves.
Whilst we stay in our minds and intellectualise everything we do, we will never know ourselves.
Our minds will not allow this to happen easily. Our mind will fight to keep control. It is an amazing piece of kit but it is not who we are.
Our bodies function in the NOW and by staying in our bodies we can also be NOW.
Our mind wants us to use future predictions to manage us. We can't do this because ......will happen.
If we stay in the now and our friends family are there as well then a truly honest transaction will occur.
It is what it is.
Of course I am completely in the now? No I am not however I aspire to be so. And by being conscious of that aspiration I can stay more present more often.
I have just returned from staffing the NWTA with the Mankind Project UK.
I attended my warrior training last year and found a fundamental shift in my way of being and so as a staff man I wanted to facilitate that for other men. WOW not only did I experience the growth in the men on training but also the process brought me gifts of growth.
There were 40 staff men on the weekend with varying degrees of experience and ages. Although this is not a therapeutic experience per se, it does bring up emotional stuff to work with.
I found the gathering of men so supportive and emotionally connecting. I felt cared for and challenged to be all of me.....authentic and aware. And over the course of the 4 days I found a deep sense of acceptance from the men and not only that but I found through this the capacity to accept myself.
I became aware that I like who I am and can be all of me and it's ok. In fact better than ok.
This is a massive shift for me. I feel more grounded and able to walk my space and feel very present.
I would recommend the Mankind Project to any man who feels disconnected with himself. The experience can be life changing.