Saturday, 11 October 2014

Mental Health

The subject of Mental Health is massive. We have thousands of our people walking the streets with varying degrees of need for help.
How as a society do we see people with a mental health issue?
I don't believe the stigma is as it was but it still holds fear for many people.
As a nation we loose many hours of working productivity to mental health issues.
We have many deaths due to mental health related issues; suicide, murder, abuse, rape, alcoholism. All addictions can have a basis in mental health.
It feels as if there is something preventing both the will to provide and meet the demand, and the necessary funding to provide the service.
I suppose in this capitalistic society we have at present.......each of us is supposed to meet our own needs.
For me this is outdated.
Our society is so divided between have and have nots.
The have can afford private therapy.
The have nots can only have what the NHS is able or chooses to provide.
We also do not need NICE to tell us what is good for us. One size of therapy does not fit all.
Why do we think this is OK?

I have a degree in Humanisitc Counselling and I have trained in voluntary placements as part of my qualifications. I have a very small private practice which doesn't provide me with sufficient income to meet my families needs which means that I also work as a professional gardener to provide the main financial support.
I want to have more clients and do more work in service to my community. I don't want to be rich, I want to earn enough to meet my families needs.
I would love to be part of a community of counsellors and allied therapists who want to serve the human not take from it.
I loved the speech to the UN by Emma Watson. True gender equality is a need not a luxury and possibly allied to this is the way to engage people in taking care of their mental health.
At present many men are reliant on their partners to tell them when they need help. We need both genders to meet each other in a wholly adult way. Support and cherish each other and truly hear each other.