Friday, 28 February 2014

So what is Father Food ?

Can you feel it?
Can you see it?
How do you know it is there?

Father food is soul food, nourishment at a deep deep level.
If we are lucky then our fathers can give such a special gift to our lives.

We as Fathers can help to nurture us into whole, well rounded, fully living human beings and no matter what the popular press and media state as truth. Dads really do matter.
Unfortunately because the dads of the 1950's were pretty absent in terms of availability and capability: the generations that have followed have compounded the problem and now our lives are poisoned by the toxicity of immaturity.
I cannot speak for the women of the world save that young girls need mature fathers to aid their growth in the world.
When a child has a mature loving Father alongside a mature loving Mother, he or she will have a working example of how men and women can be.
The daughters will know the qualities to look for in a man and follow the examples of her Mother and be able to form true relationships in life.
The sons will not only see how it is to be a mature man but also receive something truly special......Father Food.
There is almost a process of osmosis when men and boys work and play or are in the company of each other. Securely knowing that the older man loves, cherishes and respects the boy allows the boy to honestly be who he is. Without the criticism, shaming and violent reactions from a wounded immature man, the boy will flourish.
As it is impossible to verbalise what we receive from a mature Mother from conception, it is equally impossible to to express that which we receive from a mature Father.

This is an aspect for me still to work on in my own development. My life has been governed by the actions of my birth mother and her giving me up for adoption and I feel at peace with my resolution around this. However I have no knowledge of who my Father is. All the information on the adoption paperwork is untrue. My Mother lied.
I have spent my life trying to find her and no time at all in considering who he is. I may never know but I know I will need to address the loss fully to move on.

The challenge moving forward is .....How do we as a Society facilitate the true maturing of our men and women.
Is this to be a silent revolution or does it need to be loudly acclaimed as a long term Goal?