Monday, 21 November 2016

Engage heart before opening mouth

What is the answer to the rising rate of male suicide?
How can society engender male emotional connection?
Why are men unable to ask for help?

I realise that our world has been dominated by male energy in both beneficent and malevolent ways. I am so fed up of acknowledging the problems of patriarchy and seemingly having to apologies for being a man.

I am a man and I am proud to be me.  

I am on my journey to authenticity and congruence and my mission is:  I create a world of passion and authenticity by being awake, alive and in my heart. 

What is your mission?

I am trying to remember how life was for me before my was a lonely,isolated and fearful place. 
This role of being a man was tough for me. Alongside the societal pressures of breadwinner, troubleshooter, there were the pressures of being a good husband, good employer, all round acceptable guy.
I didn't have a problem being those things but it felt like an act, a pretense.
I have come a long way since and feel more connected to my true self than ever. I feel that I can be me and yet I still feel pressures to conform to a previous default.I know this is my perception but it can be seductive
The Doing not the Being.

Is it the Being that society has a problem with? How would it be if we all woke up and accepted our authentic selves?
Men need to understand that it is OK to cry, to not get it right, not be right all the time, to ask for help,  to be human but who is going to start the ball rolling? Who's job is it?
I believe that it is the responsibility of both men and women to support each other with honesty and integrity. To love and support without judgement or projection.
It is not an intellectual exercise but a heart felt action.
I would offer that it is time to engage our hearts before we open our mouths.