Thursday, 28 August 2014

Out of our heads

    I have been Facebooking for while now and have drawn some interesting conclusions.....mine and not yours. But if you share them then say so.
  When I read some political or financial postings, there is usually postings about the rights and wrongs of what is stated. Sometimes quite powerful positions are taken.  And yet when something spiritual is posted there may be the odd comment or two.
     It feels to me that when issues arise that focus the mind and present logical or illogical argument  then that is when the human and it seems mainly men become animated and enthused.
    I feel that this is a great place to air our views and could be a great place for a groundswell of opposition to what we feel are injustices. Where does the energy of opposition go? Simply exorcised in the written word? Is that enough or an avoidance? A safe place to speak yet not act.
  Yet for me facebook seems a very heady place. Heart and soul work seems to have little place in  this medium.
   Where do we express our inner world? Is it safer to have a heady opinion and keep our vulnerabilities to more intimate one-to-one contact?
    Yet the whole purpose of facebook is seemingly to replace intimacy. We are no longer truly connected.
I guess facebook is a place to arrange meet ups but do they happen.
     Staying connected is great but not at the expense of true connection.