Sunday, 6 July 2014

Holding men to account

       Whoa......this is a biggy. During my trainings  I learnt how to hold myself to account for any broken agreements either with other men or with myself.
      This has been more challenging than I first felt. Not only do I have to consider what I am prepared to commit to doing but I also have to not simply apologise if I fail to keep my agreement but I also have to speak about what I found more important than honouring my agreement. This keeps commitment and agreement not only real but very live. Also the challenge is not to hide from agreements but to throw myself into them and stretch myself with accountability issues where relevant.
      When I am with my male friends within the mens circles I feel so connected and also very challenged.....almost as if they can see into my soul and my darkest corners. And yet all my darkness and vulnerabilities are welcome within the circle. Once men have this way of being then trust becomes less of a problem.
     I feel this way of being helps to keep me honest and in integrity. Maybe if we could be like this as people of the world there would be less 'problems' as all responsibilities would be taken for any actions.
   I now bring that way of being into my life fully and it has improved all my relationships especially with my partner and her two sons.......Much more healthy.